Tree Trimming

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10 Signs You May Need Your Tree Serviced and Trimmed

Tree Trimming

10 signs that you need tree service

Trees are an integral part of our environment, they provide us with oxygen, shade and beauty. Trees make our properties more beautiful and comfortable to live in. But they can also pose dangers to people who don’t take care of them or know how to deal with them when they become injured begin to die. So here are 10 signs you may need to call tree trimming service


1) Branches may be blocking some of the light into your home or property. Shade is one of the primary beauties of full grown trees. Never all it to go to waste, or get out of your control. 

2) Dead or diseased tree limbs threatening to fall on your house. If a tree has a disease or is rotting from the inside out, it could cause a significant threat to your home or any structure that is within the trees reach.

Tree Trimming, New Orleans

3) Invasive species like vines which could damage your trees health and are beginning to take over the life source of the tree. Trees can be choked by some invasive species, reducing their life cycle and their productivity.

4) Dangerous limbs hanging above your home or car. We see this quite often. A beautiful branch hanging over the driveway or home and a storm causes it to break causing damage to our client’s property.

5) Trees that are obstructing your view of the landscape, house, or other property. Just as the proper shape and location of a tree can be a huge asset to a property, an incorrectly placed tree or overgrown tree can be a huge liability and even a danger. 

6) A plan for a new tree or landscape. We specialize in tree planting and tree care.

7) Preventative and proactive maintenance. We can provide you with a comprehensive report on the health of your trees. 


8) Storm Season has arrived. We offer preventative action to reduce storm damage for homes in areas hit by frequent storms such as New Orleans, Lake Charles, and Houma. We come assess your property and let you know which trees may cause a threat in the coming hurricane season.

Tree Trimming, New Orleans

9) For ongoing maintenance like cutting grass or adding mulch around the base of the tree to prevent weed growth and soil erosion.

10) If you plan to sell your house it is important to make sure there are no dangerous conditions which might result in injurys. Make sure there are no dead trees. If there are dead trees you could be held liable for any injuries that result from their falling. In addition, you may be required to have a tree service come out and remove the dead trees before you can sell your house.

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