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We are the number one tree removal service in New Orleans, LA! Regardless of how large your property or how tough the job, our team of specialists can get the job done quickly and with excellence. Larger tree projects will require more time and effort to complete than smaller tree projects. We offer a wide variety of services to meet your specific needs.


We're the Number One Choice For Tree Removal in the New Orleans Area!

We are happy to provide everything from a simple trim to a complete tree removal, including dead or dying trees. We are proud of providing the highest level of professional service and are here to help you maintain all your trees for many years to come. Whether you have large trees that are overtaking your home or a small tree that’s in front of your view, we have you covered. From advising on proper and professional tree care to removing hazardous trees, we can and will meet your needs with affordable prices.


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Whether you’re looking to grind a stump or just want a branch removed, our professional tree service landscaping company is just one call away. We specialize in many different kinds of arboriculture, from shrub trimming and pruning all the way to tree felling and bracing. We can even help with insect management for trees, including treating and preventing pests. If you need a pro in New Orleans, you’ll find it with our team’s name and in our company’s mission statement.

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The first thing you should know about is cost. The average price for tree cutting in New Orleans will cost around $661, but the exact price will depend on how long the job takes and its complexity. Large trees will obviously require much more time to cut, and some jobs require special equipment and will cost more than smaller ones. We provide services such as branch removal, pruning, and removing trees, yet our prices are still super affordable. The price of a tree removal is determined by the size of the tree and its position on your property. Many factors may affect the total cost of a tree removal, such as the type of service you need. There are certain permits and requirements for certain services in New Orleans. Check with your local authorities to find out if a permit is needed for the tree service that you need.

Tree Removal, New Orleans, LA

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If a large tree has fallen on your property, our tree services in New Orleans are a fantastic choice! We have a team of certified arborists who will remove the tree safely. We also cater to those who need their trees trimmed to prevent further damage to their property. Don’t forget to ask us about stump grinding and fertilization! You can count on us to take care of all your trees and therefore make your property look beautiful.

Our professionals know how to take care of your trees, and can also provide you with a detailed and understandable guide on how to care for your trees. With this information, your trees will be much healthier and beautiful, no matter what type of trees you have.

We Can Handle Any Tree on Your Property!

T7 Tree Service New Orleans can handle any job of any size. No tree is too big or too small. We can remove a single tree, chop down multiple trees, prune trees, remove stumps, and much more. Smaller trees will be less costly, while bigger ones might require more time and sometimes even special equipment. Nevertheless, we have got you covered! Don’t let a fallen tree make you have to remodel your home. 

When it comes to removing trees with diseases, our skilled arborists will bring you the most value for the cost. We have experts who have extensive training in the care of many different types of trees. We will be able to discover the origin of the disease in your trees and determine the best course of action from there. In all scenarios our team is committed to getting the job done for your convenience. If you need a tree removed from your property for any reason, we can help you decide which option is best for you.

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When you need  tree services in New Orleans, LA, you can hire our trained professionals! We have years of experience with all kinds of jobs such as cutting, removing, and replacing trees in the area, and we always arrive on time. We are also careful to leave no evidence that we’ve been there, so your property will look unaltered. Unlike other tree service companies in New Orleans, we also clearly and easily lay out pricing for your tree removal and stump grinding services you need. The cost of tree removal in New Orleans will vary based on assorted factors, including the magnitude of the tree, its location, and how difficult it is to access it, but the most ordinary factor that affects the price is the company you choose. In New Orleans, the average price for tree removal is $661, which is much lower than the national average of $871. In New Orleans you might need a permit for your tree removal, depending on its breadth and location.

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Call us today! There is no job too big for T7 Tree Service professionals to take care of for you. We have years of experience working through the trials and beauty of east Louisiana trees. We know Louisiana species and we love to work with them, whether you need a tree trimming or a tree removal. We promise, whatever your project or concern, we have likely seen and dealt with it before, so you have no need to fear. 


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